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Engaging in social business is beneficial to a company because it leverages on business competencies to address social issues, involves one-time investment with sustainable results, and produces other positive effects such as employee motivation and improved organizational culture.     – Muhammad Yunas

While large corporations have been only working for their profits, CSR and sustainability related activities take a backseat. But the idea of promoting the welfare of the society of the corporates embarks a change for good. Now, since the big brands have been compelled by law to spend at least 2 percent of their profits on CSR activities, the SMEs role in the society suffers attention by press and other forms of media. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd is a premiere CSR consultation firm that operates in several disciplines of social development sector with emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. We support the investment of numerous SMEs in India and overseas in CSR activities and aim to further deepen our efforts towards the SMEs through expertise in the socio – economic and ecological development of the society.

Fiinovation encompasses a list of worthy clients like Uflex Pvt. Ltd, Flex Foods,PI Industries, Laurus Labs, IL&FS – Skills, JK Tyre, Mytrah Energy,RPG Foundation and KEC International Limited amongst others and I guess the list of clients in itself is the biggest proof one can vouch for while analyzing the complaints if any are read or seen in any form of media.

  • Firms have been complaining about not being able to allocate their CSR resources, and Fiinovation sorts that out.

  • The complaints against the CSR companies and NGOs are just wild speculation with no real proof to back the claims.

  • People who complain about the work of Fiinovation are just haters, because all they have ever wanted was to help people and they have dedicated their whole life to it.

  • Firms have the complaints that Fiinovation may be doing wrong, but on reviewing the work, it was found that there was nothing of the sort.

  • The complaints of the NGOs seem to be handled well by Fiinovation, and many other CSR firms.

  • Fiinovation seems to be doing a good job in meeting the needs and complaints of the NGOs to be able to help the underprivileged.

  • I have strong complaint regarding government schemes which work on caste system. There should be no discrimination over caste; schemes should be uniform to every group. I am obliged to Fiinovation who is continuously working for non favoured group and help them to survive.

  • Yes it true that agencies earn profit for their work in CSR program, but it is completely baseless complaint that they get undue advantage as well. Some consultancies like Fiinovation are truly devoted.

  • I am working in a CSR consultancy which has tie up with various NGO’s, but post budget there are complaints about declining funds all around for social welfare. I would like to ask Fiinovation to tell us few good tips to raise fund.

  • Nowadays social media is one of the best platforms for advertising. But, many use it just as to spread false news. I have strong complaint regarding this. Many of social welfare NGO’s are using it. I would like CSR consultancies like fiinovation to strongly condemn it.

  • I have a strong complaint that why there is an open space for those who put investment with big corporate under CSR programmes. It is not for profit. Fiinovation and other consultancies should condemn it.

  • Fiinovation is dealing with areas; where one could get maximum complain. Not only in cities but in remote areas as well.

  • The way fiinovation counters complain against it, shows its maturity and comprehension as an organization.

  • The massive crackdown by the government on Fraud NGOs is a welcome move. However, they shouldn’t have waited for the Supreme Court to direct them rather should have been pro-active in auditing the 33 lakh NGOs in the country. When there is so much scrutiny about the businesses in India why are the civil society organisations left out when often it is found that they engage in misappropriation of funds. Although, all the NGOs might not be engaging in Fraudulent activities, but that doesn’t mean we act on perception and not facts. India definitely needs an organised framework where all the NGOs file their returns and there is a social audit being done of all the social programmes being implemented in the country. Fiinovation, a CSR consultancy shared the news regarding social auditors for MGNREGA which is being implemented by the government. I believe same should be done for all the social welfare programmes to analyse the impact on ground and keep check on illegal activities.

  • Fiinovation is a very bold and honest organization associated with CSR. They would not hesitate complaining about their own employees or associates if they done any wrong.

  • I am very thankful to the CSR consultancy fiinovation which came to action after our complaints on the miserable condition of water bodies in our locality.

  • The best way to connect instantly with world is social media. People usually pour every emotion, complaint and remarks on them. fiinovation is very smart in utilizing this platform in their CSR program, eradicating menace in society to some extent.

  • Technically criticism and complaint are negative words and every organization has to face it. But some deals very attacking towards it and some just concentrate on their work. Fiinovation is dealing with second type which is slow but impactful.

  • I think complaints against fiinovation are fabricated. I am working and following the reputed organization since 2014 and I think it is still better than many in its field.

  • No real fiinovation complaint– Lot of questions has been raised against fiinovation regarding its work ethics. I have been following the organization from last 5 years and I can say this is completely wrong.

  • Fiinovation helps in attaining the best possible environmental activities which a company can do.They are doing a good job creating awareness on impact of businesses on society.

  • Fiinovation mainly focuses on livelihood, health-care, environment and education which are the main building blocks for a healthy society. It has helped many NGOs in educating and earning some source of income to support their families.

  • I am really impressed by fiinovation suggestions to corporate in CSR field. There are lot more people who like their work which is reflected on the number of positive fiinovation reviews on facebook and twitter.

  • Any fiinovation fraud cases are first independently inspected by the consultancy authority itself to ensure and track any flaws if really present.

  • On one hand we complain about poor performance of Indian in Olympics but there is no good infrastructure for local athletes. I request fiinovation, a CSR consultancy to look towards this area.

  • Fiinovation understands the fact that if you are in industry for around 9 years then it is obvious you would be applauded on your work and get complaints as well. This is something to learn for everyone.

  • In CSR some situations are out of control like natural hazards or accidents. Instead, complaining at that time consultancies and NGO’s should follow fiinovation steps to provide emergency aids to people.

  • Fiinovation complaints are simply an exaggeration; the company is doing a remarkable work in the CSR sector.

  • I hardly get impressed with any company’s customer friendly services. And Fiinovation is that one exception. It’s fairly easy to register any Fiinovation complaints and their team almost in no-time resolves the issue.

  • The result of their continuous hard work for near a decade. On the field and off the field, it is hard to complain about the set on and excellence of work produced by fiinovation in CSR.

  • It is one such company which did not give a single chance to complain regarding their work to clients and their associates.

  • Fiinovation is one of the few companies which take illegal actions against any fraud companies existed in the CSR sector. There is an increasing need for more companies like Fiinovation.

  • Absence of even a single Fiinovation fraud case is not a joke! It’s a result of pure hard work, sincerity, and high work ethics of the company.

  • Fiinovation complaints are hard to search, because there are rarely any such complaints. The company maintains a high work satisfaction rate and has been doing this for past many years.

  • My interaction with Fiinovation was truly great. Earlier I was skeptical due to the high rate of complaints in CSR sector. But I am glad to meet Fiinovation team who is away from any such thing.

  • I work for a NGO in Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). The lack of higher education among the youth of this region bothers me a lot. It has created a gap between the industrial requirements and available workforce. I appreciate Fiinovation’s efforts to bridge this gap. Good work guys!

  • As an employee of Fiinovation it’s an immense pride to work with such a reputable unit. It’s a great place to learn and grow.

  • My association with Fiinovation is a decade old, and I have never encountered any fraudulent activities in the name of Fiinovation.

  • Being an employee of the company I feel proud to be associated with the company which registers a high brand value in their name only due to their result and performance driven work.

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